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Sinds13 years of excelling in Interior Project Management for an international interior design company, Melanie Van der Steen & Kevin Vermassen founded OUTRANCE Interiors. As of 2014 OUTRANCE was a successful and vibrant brand. On top of interior design OUTRANCE has developed a high-end and luxury furniture collection.

OUTRANCE covers a wide range of bespoke total makeovers, both for residential and commercial purposes. The company style results in contemporary chic with a touch of Art-Deco. By adding their own furniture collection during the design process, Outrance creates an interior that states personality and 'body'.

Thanks to personal contacts and meetings with our clients, we are able to analyse our customer's needs, preferences, goals and specifications on their project by detailing a list of the materials they need in order to make their vision come to life. We use 3D renderings to present a project to our clients  and we make sure the project fits their budget.

OUTRANCE is very strict on delivering high quality craftsmanship on every project, therefore the company collaborates closely with an experienced architect and entrepreneur. It’s by systematicaly providing the same team that the company is well-known for its strict planning, budget and quality control.



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