Eclectic Pied-à-terre

Every opportunity to capture light has been maximized whit the reflexion of the high gloss laquer palette, with pops of orange and rose poudrée adding energy to this elegant residence.

chair detail
chair detail

Poudrée velvet uphostery

detail table
dragon flower

Rare dragon flower

Mixed materials like velvet, marble, brass and high gloss laquer add luxurious fabrics and texture to this eclectic and colorful home.

kitchen detail
table detail
coffeetable logo
Hallway 1
Hallway detail

Handpainted vintage ashtray

Hallway 2

Eclectic Pied-à-terre

The abstract black and white floor leads to this eclectic décor. Cobalt blue velvet fauteuil, marble column and handpainted ashtray are just some of the details the OUTRANCE team used to create a never boring hallway.

bath detail
bath detail 2

Eclectic Chic bathroom

Photography : Jelle Van Seghbroeck

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